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The Diary of Hercules / News: Recent posts

Temporary development hold-up

The development of this application will be temporarily stopped.

I'll need time to mark next directions in development process. Also, I belive there will be greate changes in development platform/tools.

Watch the news!

Posted by Basil Shubin 2007-02-04

New development release - 0.1.1

This release is new step towards next stable beta release.
Ready for testing, please send me report on any bug you found.

In this development release:
* Created brand new calendar control.
* Added methods for adding and deleting training plan.
* Added ability to show training days on a calendar control.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-09-03

CVS opening

The CVS is now open for a project.

Awaits new helpers and developers! :-)

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-08-24

First development release - 0.1

From this moment there be two branches: stable and development.

This is first release of underdeveloped beta version. Projects in a searching for a new developers, testers, designers and all other helpers.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-08-19

New release -

This is minor file release.
- Added czech language translation.
- Fixed bug in Windows 'hercules.iss' build script.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-05-02

New release -

This is bug fix release that fix one sad bug in previous release.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-04-30

New release - 0.0.3

In this new release:
- Added 'Delete workout' function.
- Added 'Copy workout from...' function.
This release introduce package for Debian GNU/Linux and installer for MS Windows.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-04-15

New release - 0.0.2

In this new release:
- Added event handlers for 'Next/Previous workout' buttons.
- Added 'Ideal Body Measurement' calculator from bbcalc project.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-04-04

First Public Release!

Let me introduce first public release of Hercules - personal workout diary.

Posted by Basil Shubin 2006-03-31