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New screenshots

Finally we've had time to upload a lot of new screenshots to our gallery. Please see for a lot of images from inside HelpCORE.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-03-21

IIS support

The CVS version of HelpCORE now has IIS support. This is very much in beta right now but please download, test and tell us your findings.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-03-21

HelpCORE 1.2.0

With great pleasure we introduce HelpCORE 1.2.0 to the world.

HelpCORE is an enterprise class help- and service desk application for small to medium sized organizations. HelpCORE supports asset management, incident management, organization structures, maintenance, automated scanning and reporting tools, management information, report generation and much more.

It is available as a GPLed and a Commercial licensed version. Please see on which version to use in what situation.... read more

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-01-31

HelpCORE RC1 Released

After lots of hard work we present HelpCORE 1.2.0, RC1. If all goes well this codebase should be the same as the final version.

We think this is safe to use in a production enviroment.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-01-15

HelpCORE Beta 3 released

Beta 3 is now released. Our todo list for beta 4 is:
- plugin installer & how-to document
- remove/secure incident_log iframe
- release Computer Inspector code to the public
- fix computer inspector graphics
- fix all reported and found bugs

After that we will release RC1 followed by a production release of 1.2.0.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-01-08

HelpCORE Beta 1 released

We've opted to release often and release early, so hereby we would like to announce the immediate availablity of HelpCORE 1.2.0 Beta 1.

This release is not yet production ready and does have a few known bugs that we will fix over the next few weeks.

It does however show the features and structure of HelpCORE very nicely and should be good enough to see if you like it or not.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-01-03

HelpCORE code available

We've strived very hard to make a release on 1-1-2005, but unfortunately we think that we'll need another week before releasing the 1.2.0-beta1 version.

If you want to see the HelpCORE release now, you can download our nightly CVS tarball ( ). Just adjust the application_config.php file and you're off.

The 1.2.0 version will feature an installer for easier setup, but will not contain more functionality then the version currently in CVS.... read more

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2005-01-02

Release date open source HelpCORE

The open source version of HelpCORE will be released before 2005. Expect HelpCORE to be online between the 24th and 31st of December.

Posted by Dennis Fleurbaaij 2004-11-19