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minor graphical glitch fixed

v1.1.1 just fixes a problem with the GUI relative to the user's font size.

Posted by sammyF 2008-01-06

Version 1.1.0 is out!

Well ... A new year, lots of free time, so here it is : the new, improved, still very cluttery version of hellaGUI.

Nice new features and under-the-hood tuning. It should now take 1 or less percents of your CPU power, as it doesn't update the, now complete, queue list on every update anymore and as it's calling the XML-RPC daemon instead of parsing hellanzb's text output.

This also means that I can show more informations about the current download, and that the display changes when hellanzb is correcting or decompressing files.... read more

Posted by sammyF 2008-01-05

hellaGUI: major bug fix and some minor ranting

A GTK/python frontend to the news leecher "hellanzb" providing most functionalities available from the "hellanzb daemon" and Drag and Drop file-enqueuing.Hellanzb can be obtained through your distro's package manager or at http://www.hellanzb.com

looks like hellagui only worked for me. There was a major bug : if no config file was present, hellagui would crash on start.

Now, if a developer, even of such a lowly glade hack as this one, says "this is working" and has even got screenshots to prove it, and the package doesn't work for you, it's very probable that there is some weird bug he (the developer, in this case me), missed. ... read more

Posted by sammyF 2008-01-02

package mix up. sorry

Mixed up some settings in SourceForge, and the package coudln't be downloaded. It should work now, but the file says "1.0.3c" instead of "b".
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by sammyF 2007-12-31

minor bug fix

having more than seven items in the queue crashed hellagui1.0.1. This has been fixed in 1.0.2
(nearly forgot : merry christmas everybody!)

Posted by sammyF 2007-12-24

initial release

This is my first pyGTK project (and I'm not really experienced with Python, to say the least, so anything in the code that looks like it could have been done better probably could have been done better.

Anyway, planed features for V1.1 :

* ALL queued NZBs in a scrollable area
* Add a "start/stop daemon" button
* Pulsating progressbar during processing (hellaGUI looks like hellanzb can't connect during processing at the moment)
* A button to open the download directory
* A hellanzb configuration editor... read more

Posted by sammyF 2007-12-15