Open Source HELD Client and LIS / News: Recent posts

Relative Locations

The PIDF-LO visualization tool ( has been updated to support relative and dynamic locations. You can see the relative location format in the examples shown, though this format is likely to change.

Other enhancements include better visualization of complex PIDF-LO documents.

Posted by Martin Thomson 2010-04-15

HELD Client 2.0 binary updated

Hi all,
The binary release of the HELD Client has been updated to resolve a build issue. Source release is current and unchanged.

Posted by Adam Muhlbauer 2008-03-27

New LIS 2.0 and Java HELD Client

Hi All,

The new LIS 2.0 and associated Java HELD client are now available for download.

Posted by James Winterbottom 2008-03-14

New LIS Released

A new version the LIS is now available.

Includes a new provisioning screen, with support for geodetic polygons.

Basic upgrade scripot available for those that have the first version of the LIS. Read the README.

Posted by James Winterbottom 2007-01-19

First Source and Binary Posting

The HELD-Client open source and binaries are now available. These are Windows based only!
The PHP-LIS is also available. Design, installation and usage documents will follow shortly.

There are some limitations in the LIS at this point that will be remedied over the coming months, these are documented in the release notes for the LIS.

If you are interested in helping to contribute to this project please let the admins know.

Posted by James Winterbottom 2006-07-28