Meteo Will Live On!

Due to Matt suddently and unexpectedly getting a life, he's had to cut back on his time spent with Meteo.

Luckily, three people in dire need of getting a life have jumped on the bandwagon, and are frantically trying to get up to speed on how things are done so that they can pitch in, help out and carry on. Things are sure to be confused around here for a while, but shortly you'll see updates, bug fixes and lots of cool new things.

Please stand by.

Actually, you'd better sit by, this could take a while.

(By the way, as part of a general clean up, dave has arbitrarily nuked all of the bug reports, feature requests and support tickets older than a month, or related to versions before 1.3a. Sorry about that, but it seems the best way to get a clean slate and a clear picture of where things really stand.)

Posted by David Slipp 2003-08-23