Logging of weather data

  • bonvoyage

    Would it be possible for Meteorologist to log the data it receives to a file in a user-specified location that could then be, for example, plotted by the user to follow trends as a function of time?  I'm particularly interested in pressure and temperature data, but wind and humidity data would also be interesting.  Ideally the user could specify a cutoff date/time and new data would be written at the expense of the data older than that date.  Maybe even the sampling rate could be specified (perhaps different than the regular updating frequency)?

    I apologize in advance if this is either 1) beyond the scope of Meteorologist or 2) already implemented and I've just missed it.

    • Joe Crobak
      Joe Crobak


      This is indeed beyond the scope of Meteo.  I found two shareware programs that do what you want via versiontracker:



    • Richard Taytor
      Richard Taytor

      Dear Joe,

      Please reconsider data logging. This is not to be confused with the display of historical data. Since Meteo is intended to acquire data at regular intervals, it seems little trouble to add an option to save the data to log files (rather than running two redundant resident programs to acquire weather data). This data may then be displayed by independent charting programs (with no further requirement on Meteo) as the user chooses.

      Also, please consider adding sparklines as described here:
      Sparklines are obviously useful to display a short history/context for the current sample, but they are also useful to as an alternative (and greatly simplified) way of viewing relative forecast information. In any case, please comment on this.

      Thanks for Meteo!


  • Anonymous

    seconded. A history of weather data is quite difficult to come by - having my own log is uniquely beneficial. It also adds a value to weather data since forecasting and immediacy are useful, but so is trends, specific historical data, and patterns.