#63 Unattended/Silent installation

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As an administrator for example 300 PCs you would like
to have an installscript that automaticly pushs the
HealthMonitor Service on a Windows computer.
For the VNC RemoteServies there is a script call
"FastPush". You can read more about this tool under
If it is possible to install the HealthMonitor Service
like that, it would be grade for every administrator
because he can easily distribute it.


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    I haven't experience on FastPush, if someone would like to
    provide his/her experience to deploy this feature, I'll be happy
    to add it !!!

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    Seems that somebody got some result on it, I'll add a
    feedback as soon as I'll get more details.

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    I think the point here refers to the ability to perform a silent,
    unattended installation, vs. FastPush in particular. FastPush
    is just an example of such a situation.

    I also maintain many machines, and use an entirely different
    architecture for pushing out software installs. But the principle
    is the same: I already have the ability to drop an EXE file on a
    remote machine and execute it, with context-sensitive
    command-line parameters. What I need is a HealthMonitor
    installation program that can accept command-line
    parameters (such as a configuration file to load) and install
    the program and start the service, all silently - i.e. no visible
    activity on the screen, and no need for a user to respond to
    anything. That would be perfect :)

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    I'll ask to packaging manager if it's possible to implement

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    Included Feature Request: 1497430


    Can we please have a MSI "silent install" feature. It
    would be great if the installer can accept parameters
    and also use and expand environment variables like
    %ServerName%, etc.


    /S -- where S=Silent Install
    /IF -- where IF=Inputfile containing custom settings
    /H -- where H=Display Tray Icon Yes or No

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    Version 4.0 allow unattended installation, see www.health-monitor.com