#48 HealthMonitor administration


I just downloaded your HealthMonitor program and
installed version 2.0. It does exactly what I needed to
do, that is get events out of a monitored PC. But after
install and config, here are my suggestions.

1) SQL configuration
When an organisation wants to monitor more than a few
PCs, maintaining configuration changes becomes a
maintenance problem. Suppose monitoring 20 PCs and
you want to modify a filter on all of them... You are
already using a SQL database. May I suggest that you
keep configuration in a central database with computer
name as key ? There should also be a key for
AllComputers that would have common rules for all
supervised computers. Maybe a InitialConfiguration key
for initial config on installation. Monitored PCs could poll
for configuration changes every hour(or configurable
interval). If database access is broken, continue with
old settings.

2) Different rules for alerts
Suppose I would like to get all events signaled in the db
(including information) but want to get email notification
only if an error occurs. There is currently no way to do
this except create a cmd or vbs script that would
analyze the event and send email notification on error
message. Again, there should be AllAlertsRules rules and
EmailRules, EventRules, etc... Again, these rules should
be kept in the SQL database where they could be

3) Better rules for event check
I suggest beefing up the filters portion for event log
rules where you could put include and exclude rules
depending on need. You could for instance depict the
include or exclude rule with a big Plus or Minus.

In my scenario(with version 2.0 monitoring 20 PCs)
where I would like to get email on errors, I will have to
remove filters in checkevent and have all the events
sent to the SQL database. In the database, I will
probably write a insert trigger to analyze new events.
When an error occurs on any monitored computer, SQL
will send a email to alert.

I hope I am clear enough. Contact me if you have
questions. Keep the good work.


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    I'm going to create an enterprise version of Healthmonitor
    similar to Nagios, I created the engine but I need to create
    the interface from scratch.

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    I think an administration center is a very good idea that
    fits interely with HealthMonitor's purposes. I would only
    change a thing in paquins idea: the key to identify each
    HealthMonitor installation should be a GUID, as it is surely