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#29 Jmicron Patch needs work willing to help


The jmicron patch has been valuable to my needs. It needs work to make it useful to everyone. I have a large collection of these usb to IDE/SATA adaptors and have found issues that I would like to fix. The jmicron JM20337 chip has different versions and each version works differently with patched and unpatched hdparm. The other issue is that both chip versions are identified the same through the lsusb -v making it harder to determine the correct way to adjust for there different responses. I'm hoping to find someone else who is also interested in getting this patch fixed/expanded and corrected to account for the different versions of this chip and make it work well for everyone. I hope there are others that are willing to help and see how useful a correct implementation is. Checking the shelf at my local computer store showed that all but 2(out of 15) of the jmicron based adaptors are based on the chip that does not work with this patch. This enforces the need to correct this. I also hope that correct this patch may help it to become part of hdparm instead of being park here unchanged and unused by many.

Ryan Mc.


  • Jan Friesse
    Jan Friesse

    I would recommend you to try smartctl from smartmontools 5.43. They have --get and --set options, and it's able to get/set aam/apm/... Also their database is HUGE and they also support not only JMicron. Also hdparm maintainer seems to be not interested in patch, so ...

    Honza (original author of jmicron patch)