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hdparl: to -c1 or not to -c1?

  • Hello:

    My (very outdated) Fedora Core 2 Linux Bible says that HDD performance can be greatly improved by using hdparm to set I/O support to 32-bit (-c1 option) and DMA to on (-d1 option).  However, it also cautions that improper settings can result in destroyed data on the HDD, and that there be no activity on the disk when changing these settings.  The hdparm man pages mention no such caution.  The recommended tests (-tT options) indicate to me that my disks do in fact perform much better with I/O set to 32-bit, however, this is not the default setting on either IDE HDD.  So, my question is: how can the I/O setting (-c1) be changed safely, if it must be passed with no activity on the disk?  And how can the setting be saved, because it resets to default 16-bit after every reboot??  Another user on Fedora Forums advised me that the no-activity caution was not a valid concern with existing, "competent" drivers, however, some recent problems that I've experienced suggest that maybe it is true.  Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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