#1 Flawed Testing Metric

Max Bash

HDCK is finding problems in drives that can't be found elsewhere. HDCK labeled a drive "Critical" that was not showing problems with any other test. The drive in question was a brand new drive right out of the box. The Manufacture's tool, Badblocks, and Smartmontools (S.M.A.R.T) test found no problems with this drive. On another drive that has been constant use for about two years. HDCK reported that the drive was "Bad" again Manufacture's diagnostic, Badblocks, and Smartmontools found no problems.


  • Hubert Kario
    Hubert Kario

    The tool is designed specifically to detect faults that other tools don't detect so the fact that both the manufacturer's tool (usually they just run SMART test), smartmontools (just a SMART test again) and badblocks (really simple test able to detect only the most obvious corruption) find no problems with the drive.

    If you could attach the '--log' file and '--outfile' from '--quick' run in single user mode (or `--exclusive` run) I should be able to say if this isn't a false positive (not out of realm of possibility).

    The other tool that may detect the same errors as hdck does is MHDD.