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hcs12mem 1.4.1 released

- name change: hc12mem -> hcs12mem, due to confusing suggestion that the tool is for HC12 chips
- allow mixed addresses (banked and non-banked) in banked S-record files
- ignore address from terminating record, if it's not used
- report address from terminating record
- report chip erasure timing
- improved detection of chip security
- terminating record address in FLASH readouts is taken from RESET vector
- detection of BDM connection problems and smarter error messages
- buffer overflow fix in TBDML support code

Posted by Michal Konieczny 2007-12-10

hc12mem 1.3.1 released

small improvements and bug fixes release:

* relaxed timing for PODEX - handshake timeout increased, because on slower computers or even with heavy task switching timeouts happened
* bug fix: FPROT was read directly from memory, thus when the MCU was secured, false readouts occured - now it is accessed via register, with proper FLASH bank selection
* bug fix: bits of FPROT were misinterpreted, depending on bits pattern
* non-programmed FLASH area detection has changed block threshold size from 2 to 4 bytes, so less non-contiguous blocks are reported (2 bytes of 0xff were quite common in the code)

Posted by Michal Konieczny 2006-02-08