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HConf / News: Recent posts

Version 0.3pre1 has been released

0.3pre1 has gotten very far! Check it out. Also please notice that CVS code is up to the minute code.

Posted by Thomas Young 2000-05-11

0.2pre1 is out!

Read the notes and changelog for the new information.

Posted by Thomas Young 2000-05-05

Version 0.2pre1 coming out soon! MANY CHANGES

There are many changes. Instead of Apache webserver, there will be a PERL webserver, therefore eliminating the existence of any C/C++ code anywhere in the project.

Posted by Thomas Young 2000-05-01

HConf needs developers!!

HConf needs PERL and C developers. Please let me know.

-- Tom

Posted by Thomas Young 2000-04-24