i1 Display 3 & colormunki display

i1 Display 3 & colormunki display

This device should work with the supplied x-rite drivers.

Though it is safer to first stop any x-rite processes.

You may need to run as Administrator.

With version there have been reports of unstable reading at low/medium light levels with this meter.

With version these are reports of more serious issues, these are being worked on and will be fixed shortly.

Version seems to fix the accuracy issues and also implements colorimeter calibration spectral sample files. These are generic calibration files made for specific display devices that improve the accuracy of these devices. Use the i1d3ccss.exe program included to convert the X-Rite .EDR files that come with your copy of i1Profiler and install them. You can also install .ccss files in the same way. The installed files will be visible within HCFR for you to choose. Run "i1d3ccss --help" from the commandline for more information.


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