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HAVP 0.92 security fix

Fix whitelist

Posted by havp 2010-11-07

HAVP 0.89 released

HAVP 0.89 released
- Fix possible retry loop and hang (thanks to Peter Warasin @ endian.it)
- Always send Via: header, fixes some IIS problems (e.g. MSNBC)

Posted by havp 2008-08-07

HAVP 0.88 released

- ClamAV library 0.93 support (recompile needed, new option CLAMMAXSCANSIZE)
- CLAMMAXFILESIZE default is now 100MB (so 0.93 even starts scanning big files)
- Fix random seed issue (ClamAV generated some temporary file errors)
- Added DISABLELOCKINGFOR config (fix for ZIP handling in ClamAV 0.93)
- Arcavir version 2008 support (set ARCAVIRVERSION)
- Log scanner errors to errorlog
- Relaxed SSL/CONNECT port limits
(It is _not_ recommended to use --enable-ssl-tunnel, you should use Squid)

Posted by havp 2008-04-16

Havp: 0.87 released

HAVP (HTTP Anti-Virus Proxy) is a proxy with a clamav antivirus scanner. The main aims are continuous, non-blocking downloads and smooth scanning of dynamic and password protected homepages. It can be used with squid or standalone.

- DrWeb scanner support
- F-Prot support for v6.0 added (also check FPROTOPTIONS)
- If false, X_FORWARDED_FOR drops also Via: header for privacy
- Fix Avast and AVG bugs
- Templates support <url> and <clientip> tags
- Uses supplementary groups for user if defined
- Reduced *MAXFILES settings to 50 for performance
- Add missing HTTP methods (MKACTIVITY, CHECKOUT, MERGE)

Posted by havp 2008-01-24

HAVP 0.72 released

Kaspersky and F-Prot scanner is now supported.

Posted by havp 2005-10-07

HAVP 0.67 released

A configuration file is add to HTTP Anti Virus Proxy.

Posted by havp 2005-08-26

HAVP 0.66 released

Improve server pool.
Add new templates.
Fix some minor bugs.

Posted by havp 2005-08-13

HAVP 0.62 released

Fix truncated page problem.

Posted by havp 2005-06-21

HAVP 0.58 released

HAVP 0.58 released
I finished performance testing and improve performance for large KEEPBACKBUFFER e.g. 100000 Byte. The bottleneck is the hard disk. You should use a fast hard disk or a ramdisk. I will write a HOWTO and put it under Ideas.

Posted by havp 2005-05-24

HAVP 0.57 released

HAVP 0.57 will work with Clamav 0.84rc1 or higher!
- Tranparent proxy support
- Parent proxy support
- Fix some bugs (DNS error message, missing headers, Change to nogroup)

Posted by havp 2005-04-26

HAVP 0.56 with Clamav 0.84rcX does not work

HAVP 0.56 does not work with Clamav 0.84rc1 or higher.
No viruses will be detected.
Please do not update.

This will be fixed with HAVP 0.57


Posted by havp 2005-04-22

HAVP - HTTP Anti Virus Proxy - Version 0.56 released

Havp is now tolerant for non-compliant HTTP Headers (RFC 1945 - Tolerant Applications).

Change to a different user for security reason.

Posted by havp 2005-04-02

HTTP Anit Virus Proxy - HAVP 0.55 released

Havp will handle portnumbers (unequal 80) in request headers.
Havp stops hugh downloads if browser drops connection.

Posted by havp 2005-03-20

Havp 0.54 released

I noticed some Distributions have problems with phtread and hard locking files! I try to figure out why. It works well with SuSE but Mandrake has problems so viruses will not be detected.
I release HAVP 0.54 and switch from phtread to fork. This should work with all distribution. I guess using fork is a better choice.
Please try to detect the eicar virus. If this fails you have to update to HAVP 0.54!!

Posted by havp 2005-03-17

HAVP Port to FreeBSD

I'm looking for sombody who can port HAVP to FreeBSD.

Posted by havp 2005-03-10

Havp 0.53 released

IE POST Bug fixed.
Fix Minor Bugs
- Fix wrong virus signature number
- Hardlock check improved.

Posted by havp 2005-03-10

Havp Version 0.52 released

Add Hardlock check at programm start
Fix POST Bug

Posted by havp 2005-03-05

Archiv scanning security bug fixed with version 0.51

Fix bug while scanning some archives (e.g. cab or zip). Version 0.51 will find viruses in archives.
Please uodate to version 0.51

Posted by havp 2005-03-02

Havp Version 0.5 released

First version of havp.

Posted by havp 2005-02-25