#20 fireshield, bb, and cs changes

Anthony Cagle
rick peplinski

Ok we all know that way too many mobs are unasailable
for the most part because of these spells. Here's my
thoughts on it:

A) make it far less damaging than it is currently. Make it
a deterent rather than a "Oh, I can't attack him, I'll kill
myself on his shield." Blade barrier, 8d8 on every attack,
whether you hit the opponent or not? That's 36 damage
per swing, 18 if you save.
fs and cs are 28 per swing, no save allowed

Those are just brutal numbers, especially when you
figure out that those three shields have the best
scrapping chance of all the spell damage types (
GetItemDamageType() )

B) Allow these spells to be cast on others, with a
shortened duration. Maybe only main class people can
cast it on other people. Or maybe you can transfer the
spell from yourself to another character. So say you
cast it on yourself for 50 mana, then "transfer" it to
another person for 50 mana.

C) Make dispel magic scrolls work at reciter level, which
isn't ideal, because so many mobs are way over 50th
level, but it's a start.

D) Make more and more fs, bb, and cs potions available,
or rentable.

Personally, of these four, I like B the best. I like D the
least, I dislike the fact that the shields have moved into
offensive weapons more than defensive deterants and D
would promote that. Mobs are too dumb to figure out
that fighting a bb'd person is unhealthy and they should
switch as soon as they can, or flee or do anything
besides take 5 swings and get slashed up 5 times every


  • Anthony Cagle
    Anthony Cagle

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    i have adjusted the damage and added lots of save chances to
    all three bb, fs, and cs, they should now scrap alot less
    and do alot less damage to the point a non-caster fighter
    can have at least a chance of fending.

  • Anthony Cagle
    Anthony Cagle

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