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Harbour / News: Recent posts

Move to Git/GitHub

Source, team, website, issue tracker, source snapshots and all related services moved to https://github.com/harbour. File downloads remain here.

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2013-03-20

Harbour 3.0.0 released

After 1.5 years of strong development and 3600 commits, new stable version 3.0.0 is released. Sources are available on sf.net file area, prebuilt binaries will follow shortly.

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2011-07-17

Harbour successfully ported to VxWorks RTOS

In 2010 July with few days of development effort, Harbour has been ported successfully to VxWorks 6.8 Real-Time Operating System (x86 CPU target for now) for both GNU GCC and Wind River C Compiler. Many thanks to Wind River Inc. for making their development package available to our open source compiler project. This means now Harbour can run on cars, planes, rockets and robots. :) See more about the technical details in ChangeLog entry '2010-07-16 18:22 UTC+0200 Viktor Szakats'

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2010-08-02

Mailing list migration

We've moved our mailing lists to these new addresses:


Existing users are being gradually migrated. Note, you may need to accept an invitation and/or verify your subscription settings (f.e. digest option).

(NOTE: nabble, mail-archive and old harbour-project google group gateways are now deprecated, pls use the native Google Groups web UI)

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2010-06-03

Commit video


(thanks to Rafa for the gource initiative)

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2010-04-26

Harbour 2.0.0beta1 released

lots of new stuff, full changelog is yet to be completed. see in doc/whatsnew.txt

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2009-06-10

Harbour 1.0.1 released

The Harbour Project is a Free Open Source Software effort to build a multiplatform Clipper language compiler. Harbour consists of the xBase language compiler and the runtime libraries with different terminal plugins and different databases (not just DBF)

Version 1.0.1 (2008-09-10)


- Digital Marc C build fixed.
- Debian, RPM packaging fixes.
- Several code quality enhancements, warning fixes.
- Doc quality fixes, formatting.
- Fixed so that build-time PRG_USR always overrides default
options in GNU-make.
- Added openSUSE package requirements to doc/linux1st.txt.
- Unnecessary compiler options and lib dependencies cleaned
from build processes.
- Fixed Darwin (OS X) builds broken due to a change shortly
before 1.0.0.
- Non-critical filename casing related cleanups.
- Non-ASCII chars stripped from several source files for
better portability.
- Added RDD regression test code.
- Fixed potential buffer overruns in PP, GTCRS, GTPCA,
GTSTD, hbfbird, hbwhat32.
- Eliminated remaining non-safe string manipulation calls:
strncpy(), strcpy() -> hb_strncpy()
strncat(), strcat() -> hb_strncat()
- Some contrib name collisions fixed in non-GNU builds.
- gtalleg GT moved to the contrib area to enable it for
non-GNU builds and non-*nix builds in general.
Use HB_INC_ALLEGRO or HB_DIR_ALLEGRO (for non-GNU make only)
to specify the location of the headers or the package
- Harbour compiler now defaults to -gc0 switch (was -gc2) to
generate the smallest possible .c output by default.
- Fixed to compile under Cygwin.
- -mno-cygwin option removed from MinGW builds. You may
need to readd this to C_USR if you use very old MinGW compilers,
like Cygnus MinGW32 2.95.
- Fixed WinCE harbour.dll generation in non-GNU builds.
- Fixed WinCE build warnings in non-GNU builds.
- Synced build options between BCC/MSVC GNU make and
non-GNU make.
- Default HB_VISUALC_VER envvar value changed uniformly
to 80 for both core and contrib and WinCE build in non-GNU make.
You may need change your environment if you relied on the default.
- Non-GNU MSVC WinCE builds are now integrated into mainstream
non-GNU MSVC make. make_vcce.bat was removed. Please read
instructions in make_vc.bat, how to initiate a WinCE build.
- Now Harbour is able to build and run properly in MSVC C mode
in AMD64 (64-bit) mode.
- Added experimental Pelles C WinCE GNU-make file. It doesn't
yet work properly.
- Post batch file called from core non-GNU make files was
renamed, please update your system if you're using them:
exit_err.bat -> hbmkpost.bat
- Added experimental MSVC WinCE GNU-make file.
- Added Darwin autodetection to non-GNU .sh make files.
- Changed GNU-make name of MinGW WinCE compiler (HB_COMPILER)
from 'cemgw' to 'mingwce'. Please update your system, if
you've been using this directly (and not via make_*ce.sh scripts).
- Memory statistics module now turned off by default for optimal
performance. It can be turned on by setting HB_FM_STATISTICS
macro.... read more

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2008-09-18

Harbour 1.0.0 released

Version 1.0.0 (2008-08-10) tag: 1.0.0


- Internal errors are now logged to file.
- Fixed -gc3 for doubly negated integers.
- Changed hb_xrealloc() to be ANSI-C realloc() compatible.
- Cleanup of MSVC C mode static initialization code.
- Changed internal representation for file attributes from USHORT to ULONG.
- Fixed memory leak in -gw mode.
- Portability fixes (Unicode, 64 bit, Pelles C 32/64 bit, WinCE, eVC4, XCC,
Linux mouse detection, OpenWatcom).
- Deployment fixes.
- harbour.dll related fixes.
- MinGW bash (msys) build related fixes.
- Darwin universal build and OS X Leopard (10.5) compatibility fixes.... read more

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2008-08-13

Harbour 1.0.0rc2 released

Version 1.0.0 rc2 (2008-07-01) tag: 1.0.0rc2


- SVN repository cleanup in /tags and /branches
- GNU and non-GNU make system configuration moved closer to each
- Reviewed and fixed platforms issues and compiler warnings
for the contrib area in most part.
- Enhanced contrib 64bit Windows compatibility.


- __HARBOUR__ macro will now contain value in 0xAABBCC form, where
AA, BB and CC are the major, minor and revision numbers in hex.
This is incompatible, as in previous version .c level __HARBOUR__
did return 0xAABB, while on .prg level it had no value.
- Deprecated hb_itemPutCPtr(). Please use hb_itemPutCLPtr() instead.
- Deprecated hb_errFuncName public var. Please use HB_ERR_FUNCNAME macro instead.
- Added hb_itemPutCPtr2().
- GTWVT enhancements (mark&copy, resize with mouse, palette handling,
some event callbacks, close button control)
- Changed SetCancel() interpretation in GTWVT.
- hbpp now uses the same engine as the Harbour compiler.
- Added Set( _SET_HBOUTLOG[, <cFileName>] ), Set( _SET_HBOUTLOGINFO[, <cInfo>] )
to customize GPF and memory leak logging.
- Added better GPF dumps for Windows.
- Fixed clipboard handling on Windows under certain situations.
- Optimizations and minor fixes.... read more

Posted by Viktor Szakáts 2008-07-04

Harbour 0.99beta3 released

- added support for writable string enumerators (s:="abc";for each c in @s;...)
- cleaned the syntax and strange unsupported but accepted by [macro]compiler
- added BEGIN SEQUENCE [WITH <bErrorBlock>] / RECOVER [USING <oErr>] /
- new debugger code with low level C interface borrowed from xHarbour
- added hash tables
- speed improvement
- added regular expressions
- added internet sockets
- added checksum functions
- added support for execution .prg scripts in hbrun
- added HB_COMPAT_XHB macro which allows to enable many xHarbour extensions
- added to default PP tables defines from hbsetup.ch
- added #ytranslate, #ycommand, #yuntranslate, #yuncommand
- fixes in BROWSE, GET and some other .prg classes
- fixed UFT8/UNICODE translations for control characters in GTSLN and GTXWC
- cleaned many memory leaks in Compiler
- added separated compiler library which can be linked with VM and RTL
- cleaned some possible bad side effects in cross references
- many other fixes, improvements and extensions - see ChangeLog for details

Posted by Alexander S.Kresin 2007-06-15

Harbour 0.99beta2 released

Fixed all problems reported after Beta1 release.
Please visit the Sourceforge project website to download the latest version:

Posted by Alexander S.Kresin 2007-03-28

Harbour 0.99beta1 released

Please visit the Sourceforge project website to download the latest version:

Posted by Alexander S.Kresin 2007-01-23

Harbour 0.46 released

The Harbour is a Clipper compatible tool using xBase syntax to develop database applications. This is the first official release after the big changes in the developer's crew and after an extended development cycle. This release confirms that the Harbour project is still alive and is developing into a stable tool for database applications. The main enhacements provided in this release include:
* rewritten Replacement Database Drivers and General Terminal layer (work by Przemek Czerpak)
* the new language syntax FOR EACH and SWITCH stements
* constants of date type
* optimisation of generated pcode
* separation of internal API from user space
* fixed preprocessor
* and much more.
Please visit the Sourceforge project website to download the latest version:

Posted by Ryszard Glab 2006-05-31

Harbour 0.34 released

The Harbour project has released build 0.34 of Harbour. The source can be downloaded from the SourceForge Harbour project page. The source and various binaries can be downloaded from the Harbour project website at http://www.Harbour-Project.org/ and from the Harbour project FTP site at ftp://ftp.Harbour-Project.org/ or check the Harbour FAQ for alternate download sites.

Posted by David G. Holm 2000-06-08