#34 Basic handling of non-Python files/dir

Doug Hellmann

Happydoc is for python stuff. I fully agree with that.

However, this is not rare (at least in my case) that I
have other directories and files in my tree that do not
contain any trace of python code, but for which I'd
like to see something in the generated documentation.

I wish for instance that my data/ directory could show
up with a nice "Data files used by foo.py <b>please
check before using</b>".

2 suggestions :
. allow a flag to handle ANY README.txt in any
directory. Not only in directories where there is some
python code.

. allow (basic) handling of StructuredText found in
non-python things : script file, etc ... maybe by
focusing the parsing in the top header comments. I do
NOT ask for a separate perl/C/whatever parser in
happydoc. But maybe handling of a single line :

# Startup script, see **Borland** web site

if [ .....


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    Doug Hellmann

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    Doug Hellmann

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    HappyDoc 3.0 will include this ability. File processing
    will be defined by each docset, and selected based on the
    mimetype of the input file. All files in all directories
    scanned by HappyDoc are candidates for processing.