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Apologies to Windows users

Sorry to all windows users who have downloaded the game recently as there were inadvertently two copies of the game within the zip archive making the zip file twice the size it needs to be. This has now been corrected.

Posted by Stephen Branley 2007-03-07

New Release (0.2.c)

There are both source (linux, BSD, AmigaOS(perhaps!)) and windows binary (.exe) versions of 0.2.c available. Users should upgrade to fix some minor problems, most notably on linux (etc) systems where the hiscore table would only have been created by root. This is now fixed and all users will have their own hiscore table on this system.

Posted by Stephen Branley 2007-02-02

New release (0.2.b)

New bugfix release is out.
The main improvement are that there is now a make install option. However if you do not plan to use the make install option you will need to edit the makefile slightly to comment the original and uncomment the alternative DATA_INSTALL_DIR and SCORE_DIR variables. See INSTALL.

Posted by Stephen Branley 2007-01-22