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new version

I am hopefully going to try and code a new interface for it. So far I have not decided what GUI library I will be using. WxWidgets is looking popular, especialy now I ahve found wx-devcpp

Posted by Michael 2006-07-04

New version

I have released the version 1.6.4-cvs. This is mainly for testers, although you are welcome to try it if you want to.

Posted by Michael 2005-06-02

Cvs releases

I have now started commiting changes to cvs if anyone is interested. I will most likely only post working but not-ready-for-release code in there (I still have a few more features to add)

Posted by Michael 2005-02-06

New documentation

I have uploaded some new documentation. I have also recruited someone to hopefully redesign the interface. Any publicity would be greatfully accepted.

Posted by Michael 2005-02-05

screenshots added

Screenshots are out!

Posted by Michael 2004-12-07

hangman 1.6.1 uploaded

1.6.1 was uploaded a couple of days ago, Please take a look at it, I hope you like it!

Posted by Michael 2004-12-07

hangman for linux version 1.5 uploaded

I have uploaded a linux binary for the hangman program written using allegro. It was compiled on allegro 4.1.14 and fedora core one on an AMD athlon

Posted by Michael 2004-05-03

new version released!!

BIG improvements!! Check it out!!

Posted by Michael 2004-04-29

linux and windows versions uploaded

The md5 for the linux binary has yet to come

Posted by Michael 2004-03-21