Results are written to config file ?

  • Rene Gawanka
    Rene Gawanka

    I've cant seem to use any configuration file - hammerhead just writes into my configuration file all the time.

    i do

    hammerhead test.conf

    the results of this are written into the test.conf where my custom configuration is placed - however the configuration itself is ignored - he seems to always use his configuration in /etc/hammerhead/ which is .. whats the error here ?

    • check out the cvs version and build it. You can view the man page there for support about the new and changed options. Alternatively you can get fast options help with hammerheade --help on commandline (also cvs version).

    • Rene Gawanka
      Rene Gawanka

      I have the actual version of hammerhead and the manual is last updated of 15 Feb 2000 !

      And it simply says hammerhead configFile

      but that does not work - something has been changed - undocumented tho.

      • Not the sourceforge documentation webpage. That corresponds to the released version.

        If you check out the cvs version, build it and install it it will include a man page.

    • Just saw that the version I'm talking about is released. The html doc page is not updated though.
      I will fix this in the near future.

    • Geoff Wong
      Geoff Wong

      My mistake - I updated the man page (hammerhead.1) and
      hammerhead.txt and forgot about the HTML version. I should
      put it in the build process! Will update and add to CVS after
      this note. Thanks for checking in Niklas!

    • Geoff Wong
      Geoff Wong

      Actually I should clarify that Niklas actually updated the
      manual page, I just did hammerhead.txt (and not that recently
      now that I look anyway). Both depend versions are now
      build as part of the build process and should be in CVS.

    • Rene Gawanka
      Rene Gawanka

      Guys, i dont know what you are doing but there is no visual change you made in the documentation.

      Here is the newest hammerhead.html\*checkout*/hammerhead/hammerhead/doc/hammerhead.html?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/html

      First - it still says Updated: 17 Dec 2001

      Now i exactly tryed the test scenario..

      My conf and scn file are in the folder :

      My conf file :

      # example configuration file - scenario1.conf

      # find all scenarios in this directory

      Scenario_directory /home/rga/hammerhead-2.1.1/scenario1

      # put all log messages in this file

      Log_filename /home/rga/hammerhead-2.1.1/scenario1/scenario1.log

      # Load all embedded images in each page returned by the port

      Load_images on

      # Simulate 50 users

      Sessions 50

      # Force all sequences to be completed

      Sequence_probability 100

      # Sleep 100ms between each request

      Sleep_time 100

      # Print a summary report every 1000 requests

      Summary_interval 1000

      # Run the test for 10 minutes

      Run_time 60

      # Hammer goanna, on port 8080


      my scenario file

      # Example Scenario file - scenario1.scn
      # Get the main page, then think for one second, then go to
      # the next scenario

      NTest Scenario 1

      RGET / HTTP/1.0

      STest Scenario 2




      E<title>Hammerhead - exploring Hammerland</title>

      E<link rev=made href="">



      # Get some random page, don't think, and go nowhere else

      # NOTE: . at end of scenario not required at end of file

      NTest Scenario 2

      RGET /coma HTTP/1.0


      Now based on your documentation i've done

      hammerhead scenario1.conf

      And what happends ? The conf file in /etc/hammerhead/ is taken with the example files post.scn and root.scn - the results of the test are written into *my* scenario1.conf - my configuration, my scenario is ignored...

      I have the latest version and your docs do not reflect this behaviour...

      • Geoff Wong
        Geoff Wong

        17th Dec 2001 was the last time the options changed (from the 15th Feb 2000 HTML version). From the .html manual page:

        hammerhead [ options ] [ resultsFile ]

        There are various optional arguments (listed below), the final argument is an optional results file;  if you're putting your config file here then that's why it's being overwritten (sorry!).
        Try 'hammerhead --help' for a list of options. Here is the
        relevant section from the HTML manual page:


           The following options are supported:
           -s or --seconds
                  Seconds to run tests
           -o or --outfile
                  Output result file
           -t or --test
                  Test the scenarios in the conf file.
           -C or --checkconf
                  Check config file
           -c or --conffile
                  Config file path
           -h or --help
                  Display help information
           -v or --version
                  Output version

        I hope that's helpful,

    • Rene Gawanka
      Rene Gawanka

      So an example call would be :

      hammerhead -c scenario1.cnf

      Is that correct ? Under\*checkout*/hammerhead/hammerhead/doc/hammerhead.html?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/html

      there is still this written :


      The following example:

      example% hammerhead test.conf

      hammers the machine/port specified in the test.conf configuration file.  "

      • Geoff Wong
        Geoff Wong

        The example is wrong (seems we missed that!). It should be something like:

        hammerhead -c test.conf results.log

        I've updated the docs to reflect that, thanks for pointing it out.