Yaesu FT 757GXII : How to set PTT ?

  • Hi,

    Yaesu FT 757GXII

    $ rigctl -m 107 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -p /dev/ttyUSB0

    Rig command: f
    Frequency: 144000

    Rig command: T
    PTT: 1

    Rig command: t
    PTT: 1

    Rig command: T
    PTT: 0

    Rig command: t
    PTT: 0

    * The frequency is correct.
    * I can see that DTR is switched when activating PTT.

    But the Yaesu does not see anything, just normal reception;

    Any idea please ? Thanks in advance?

    • Nate Bargmann
      Nate Bargmann

      Good question.  :-)

      So the DTR line from your computer is tracking the rigctl PTT command correctly as I understand it but the radio is not keying.  If you manually ground pin 4 of the CAT port, does the radio transmit?

      If not, then I suspect the problem is in the radio.  :-(

      I do have a radio handy to test this on.