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Hackerz / News: Recent posts

Status update 7/15/2010

Hello everyone! Things have been super busy. I've just finished my master's and started a new job and haven't done anything with the project for the last 3 months or so. Things are settling down now (no more homework or tests!!!!) so I'll resume my casual development. If you are interested in the project, please feel free to contact me - I can probably find something for you to do. Stay cool this summer!

Posted by Steffen 2010-07-15

April Update!

Thanks to everyone kindly participating in this project and to those watching this project come to fruition.

Development has been very active since the 0.0.4 A release, and the next release should be soon! We have done a great deal of work in the back end writing code for future features and redesigning existing code to be more maintainable/flexible. Along with the back-end changes, expect a whole host of new features. I expect the first game play elements to be included by 0.0.6 or 7. The interface is nearing initial completion.... read more

Posted by Steffen 2010-04-05