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H-World / News: Recent posts

Returning from a long break

The development of H-World seems to have come to a halt when I took a break due to personal reasons, early 2005. It's sad a bit, but it was my fault, too, I should have cared better.

Due to reasons outlined here:

I didn't pick up H-World development later again, but continued with my new project Sonnheim, which is meant to supersede H-World. I hope to be able to port and integrate quite a lot of elements from H-World to Sonnheim, although the technology used in Sonnheim is quite different. ... read more

Posted by Hajo 2007-10-26

H-World goes open source

H-World was changed from closed to open source. The licence is GPL. File headers in the CVS still show the old licence statement. Please ignore.

The files will be cleaned up to refer to GPL correctly.

Posted by Hajo 2005-04-04