H-Inventory 1.0.0 is out

The new H-Inventory is out.
Please give us feedback.

New features
* Inventory
Quick Search
Multiple edition of extra fields
Cron synchronization
Default Location
Auto location by script
Statistics filtered by locations

* Incidents
Quick search
Edition and deletion
Multiple incidents types and subtypes

* Monitoring
Cron to automate monitoring and audit

* Knowledge Base

* Deployment
Interface and DB improvement
New installation method with the 0.2 version of the client

* Admin
Maintenance (tar xml files to obtain some space)

* General
New installer
All interfaces reviewed

* Development (to improve the facility to extend the application)
Bug corrections
Full php5 object now
Comments on code
Xhtml 1.0 strict

Hope that you will enjoy it

Posted by Thomas BRETON 2007-04-06