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  • Greg Hosler
    Greg Hosler

    Bug fix release. Fixes a  bunch of misc seg faults detected by fedora users.

    2010-06-17 (V1-2-9) Misc seg fault fixes
            * - Fix argument prototyping in webcam application. This
            *   resulted in finding several function calls that were
            *   not being passed correct arguements, and therefore
            *   would cause unexpected crashs (instead of reporting
            *   webcam errors) when capturing frames.
            *   BZ 565304 583642 586277 603260 546299 550567
            * - disable button-press-events from chat pane. When in chat room
            *   gyachi click input goes into strange state. mouse clicks
            *   get lost. button press events get claimed on wrong tab, etc.
            * - Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in focus_pm_entry()
            *   BZ 554041
            * - Fix possible crash in on_login_button_clicked() when
            *   login_window is already/still NULL. BZ 577724
            * - Fix possible segv when animated gif is deleted before
            *   the timeout. BZ 553506 578264
            * - Fix possible stack corruption with a username that is a full 64
            *   characters (or more). BZ 605875
            * - Fix gyachi crashes when editting the buddy image
            *   BZ 541761 541795 562472 564430 571077 599177 600687 602517

  • Eric Sherwood
    Eric Sherwood

    Thanks for all your work on it. Gyachi rocks! It took me awhile to compile it (I didn't have all the packages needed), but once it was done, it was worth the effort. Far better than any other Yahoo chat package out there. Even webcams work!