Yahoo Voice(TM) When?


  • Anonymous

    Two developers AWOL, now in version 2, half a decade waiting..

    will I still see the light of day, to finally phone Call my wife through gyachi?

  • loell

    really? you have to be so patient  all these years to not explore other atlernatives?  ;)

  • finally phone Call my wife through gyachi?

    really? you have to be so patient all these years to not explore other atlernatives? ;)

    I added emphasis there. Yes, there are alternatives, but it's a nuisance to have a chatprogram for only one single function another doesn't have.

    If there was a poll that asked which feature needs to be added to gyachi, I'd certainly vote for Yahoo Voice Calls.

  • loell

    it's not as if this wasn't brought up in the past (both in this forum and privately), since Yahoo voice's inception. yes there were requests for this feature, I myself also requested for this. but i have come to understand that the task is enormous and the method behind is said to be cryptic to unknown.  there is currently a code in pidgin source repository where initially this has been tackled, but that was a year ago and since then there was development.  I'm guessing they'd hit a wall.

  • Eric Sherwood
    Eric Sherwood

    That's the least problem. A cell phone does a better job for calling your wife. (j/k)

    File sharing works, webcams work, voice chat works. Those are all I need in a Yahoo chat program.

  • Rick

    I have Gyachi up and running for a few weeks now, and I am pretty impressed by it. I only miss the p2p voice chat function.   I have not tested the room voice chat, but technically it seems to work OK (no missing dll etc).

    About the complexity of implementing the "Call" function of Yahoo in Gyachi:  is implementing p2p conceptually not the quite same as room voice chat, just one dimension less ?  

    Or is the underlying technique (used by Yahoo) different and even more complex ?