Gyachi - V1.2.10

  • Greg Hosler
    Greg Hosler

    2010-07-25 (V1-2-10) Misc Seg fault fixes
            * - Fix incorrect g_free of GdkPixmap in shade_pixmap_gdk(). Should
            *   be g_object_unref(). BZ 598459 603545
            * - Correct a race condition in gyachi-uploader shutdown code, so as
            *   to not (possibly) seg fault when shutting down gyachi-uploader.
            *   BZ 525878 552443 573163 586276 597085
            * - Fix gyachi crash if the PM window is closed during a file transfer
            *   BZ 615624

    Available both via CVS and the files section


  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen

    I just tried to build this on CentOS 5.5 (rebadged RHEL 5.5) and hit a problem when it came time to make. worked without a problem.

    configure worked without a problem (I tried it with and without -enable-maintainer-mode).

    Make failed with:

    main.o: In function `do_tv_value_changed':
    /usr/local/src/gyachi-1.2.10/client/main.c:111: undefined reference to `gtk_adjustment_get_page_size'

    I have:

    • gcc 4.1.2 release 48.el5

    • gtk2 2.10.4 release 20.el5

    • gtk2-devel 2.10.4

    From a quick google it appears that the undefined reference is due to a function added in gtk 2.12 -

    The problem is that RHEL does not generally update packages between major releases other than to backport security fixes.  It does it this way because it's mainly a server OS and nobody with a server wants to update packages and find that relied-upon functionality has been removed or modified in an incompatible way.

    Any chance of a workaround?

  • Greg Hosler
    Greg Hosler


    Your analysis is "spot on", and is the exact reason that gyachi in the EPEL channel no longer supports RHEL5 or RHEL4.

    as RHEL6 becomes available, look for gyachi to support RHEL6.

    All the bestr,



  • Anonymous

    Hi all,
    I use gyachi 1.2.10 from repository in kubuntu/lucid without problems, only wish is a plugin like "now listen".I installed xmms, I like this program, don't understand why is not developed, installed several versions "gyachi-xmms-plugin" , change the name of plugin, but no result..I can use any other music player, if work with gyachi, so my question is, now exist one plugin for "now listening" with some audio player? or is a plan to develop one?
    Many thanks!

  • MaRk-I

    Hi Greg;

    Compiled 1.2.10 on mandriva 2010.1, gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) etc. and the http links dont work anymore in the main window I have to cut and paste them, wonder if there's something i can change to make it work again?