Analog V gain settings

  • Hello,

    Can you suggest the best method to increase the number of analog/V* settings
    in the GXSM preferences.

    I sometimes have two different hardware setups.

    I am thinking of making a different hardware profile, or simply increasing the
    number of possible analog/V settings.

    I don't know exactly where those are in the code, but if you pointed towards
    the file then I am capable of making the changes myself.

    If making a different hardware profile seems like a nicer solution, how does
    one go about making a different hardware profile?

  • Percy Zahl
    Percy Zahl


    yes I could. But for a different instrument I would really recommend a 2nd set
    of preferences! One set is meant to be for one instrument setup.

    Two options I recommend:

    a) may be the simplest: Preferences are tied to the user account, so just make
    a new user for the other instruments and reconfigure. Then log on to the
    corresponding user for each instrument.

    b) same user, etc. -- you can do preferences backup/restore simply via the
    gconf-tool like this:

    Backup to file GXSM-preferences-A:

    gconftool-2 --dump /apps/gxsm2 > GXSM-preferences-A

    Restore from this file again:

    gconftool-2 --load GXSM-preferences-A

    So could store a preferences set for each instrument and restore before

    However, this will restore everything.

    c) adding more V* is possible, but you would need to expand a few fixed size
    arrays and indices + all the gconf/defaults/storage handing also.

    hope this helps


  • Thanks. Yeah, I will likely go with the alternate user route. That way I do
    not need to remember so much. Thanks for the reply.