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Editing plug-ins and creating new ones

  • Hi everyone :)

    I recently started exploring GXSM software (and Ubuntu also) and I need help about editing plug-ins and applying those changes to the main program. I read the "vorlage" template plug-in and I followed the steps but I didn't get the expected results.

    Here is a simple test example of what I would like to do. If I open a channel selector and select one channel, there are Ch. number, View, Mode and Dir. selectors. If I change the name "Mode" in "Moooode" in the plug-in's code (in .c file), reload plug-ins and start the program again, nothing changes. What should I do in order to see the changes I made in the code ?

  • Did you run 'make install' to deploy the patched plugin into the folder where if would be read by Gxsm?

  • Yes, I did it but nothing changes.
    Now I can't even start Gxsm because it shuts down immediately after starting. What a chaos :)

  • I solved the problem with crashing of gxsm at start-up.

    So, I make some recognizable changes (for example I change title of the channel selector mode) and save the app_channelselector.c file. Then I do "make install" command, open the gxsm and reload plug-ins but nothing changes. Did I miss something ?