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GWTruts 0.8-Final is out

GWTruts-0.8-Final is finally out.

The most important feature in this release is the ability to have controllers inside spring as normal spring beans.
This feature omits the need to work with RPC in Spring base solutions.
Anytime a GWT client wants to work with server it "navigates" to the spring based controller.The controller then fills the model map and calls the next view inside the client-side code.... read more

Posted by Reza Alavi 2009-05-14

GWTruts, GWT MVC and DI Framework, 0.6(Final) Released .

GWTruts is an easy to use GWT MVC framework.

It virtually devides a GWT module to view, controller and validation sections similar to what we had in traditional MVC web frameworks like Apache Struts.

Now in version 0.6 it provides dependency injection mechanism similar to Spring that you can use to customize your controllers and views (like providing the height of a component through a property setting for its view class via the configuration xml file).... read more

Posted by Reza Alavi 2009-02-17