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gVerse 0.5 Released

Version 0.5 released.

Features added:
* Verses file cleaned up

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed a couple bugs that caused some numbers to be read into the verse

Posted by guntu 2006-12-30

gVerse-0.45 Released

Version 0.45 released.

Features added:
* None

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed bug that had to do with commas.

Posted by guntu 2006-11-27

gVerse 0.4 Released

gVerse is a daily Bible verse program that displays the verse in a GTK+ window. This release fixes a bug with November and December dates, and the program can now be run without installing it first.

Posted by guntu 2006-11-21

gVerse 0.2 Released

gVerse 0.2 has been released. New features include a frame to display the verse in, and the program can now display the verse on the command line.

Posted by guntu 2006-10-25