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Weasel Reader 1.61 Released

  • Greetings all.

    I've decided to pretend that the relative lack of posts here lately is a sign that Weasel 1.61 is mostly bug free and not, instead, a sign of a waning user-base or the imminent death of the Palm platform.  Therefore, I have gone ahead with the 1.61 release.

    An actual release pretty much guarantees a lot more people using it, so if there are any show stopper bugs, hopefully they'll surface quickly.

    Right now only the English version is available, but I will make the other languages available as soon as the translations are updated.  The existing 1.59.3 hyphenation databases are still compatible with Weasel 1.61 (at least, I know the English one is).

    Happy reading!

    --John Gruenenfelder

    • Ruben Marquez
      Ruben Marquez


      Thanks for the new release.  But, frankly, I am now looking forward to an Android device.  I still have a Palm, but I am pretty sure that my next device will be an Android device.  Probably not TMobile's, but we'll see.  So, the question is, are you interested in some Java coding?  I know of a little program that would be a great project to port over. ;)

      • Personally, I'm not a fan of cell phones.  Can't stand them, really.  I even wrote a column for the newspaper about two years back on the subject.

        But, it's not like my token effort at being a quasi-Luddite is going to do much of anything.  And if I'm going to have a cell phone, it might as well do something useful, right?  Whenever I get around to buying a decent phone, it will probably be something with Android as I don't have any intentions of getting an iPhone or something running Win Mobile.

        As I've written to others in email, a port of Weasel really isn't possible since it's too integrated with the Palm OS API.  Any other version would necessarily be a rewrite.  But, I've looked at the Android API and writing something like Weasel with that API and in Java would almost certainly be an easier task.

        So, I guess the short answer is... if I ever get an Android phone, I'll probably put Weasel on it one way or another.

        --John Gruenenfelder