On Oct 23, 2005, at 10:44 PM, mpsuzuki@hiroshima-u.ac.jp wrote:
Just I managed to build GUSI by vanilla MPW. When I proceed to

Unfortunately, I don't think Natty ever evolved into useful code, as I stopped using classical MacOS soon after I started that project.

I found that Natty requires Sfio, I want to compile it
by vanilla MPW. Although precompiled Sfio libraries are provided,
but it's a bit difficult to understand how to install and use
it to build GUSI_SFIO module (and Natty). But I could not understand
how to rebuild Mr. Matthias Neeracher's MacOS port of Sfio by MPW.

I don't remember the details exactly anymore, but I'm fairly sure that Sfio cannot easily be ported to the MPW libraries.

After buildings Sfio on UNIX system, I understood AT&T guys
created "iffe" sh script instead of GNU autoconf, to generate
system-dependent header files (e.g. FEATURE/sfio). Nothing
to say, iffe cannot work in MPW Shell, it seems that Mr. Matthias
Neeracher writes FEATURE/sfio manually

Yes, porting sh to MPW was a bit beyond my skills :-)

(I could find FEATURE:sfio
in package released on 1997, but I could not find it in the last
package on 1999). It seems that the ported Sfio sources try to
include non-MPW header files (e.g.: sys/types.h, sys/time.h by
ast_common.h). Are they designed to include headers in GUSI
(rather, BSD headers included in GUSI)?

Not only the headers, but also the libraries to go with them.