>> Hi All
  >> I rebuild the file system and up date kernel in order to use
  >> iptable, to do theses changes i had to write in to flash.
  >> i used iptable -A INPUT ... command line and it returned to me seg
  >> fault, i repeat the command many times and of course i received the
  >>same returned value. after that i rebooted the gumstix and nothing
  >>happened, now 95% of the times it does not start, and the others 5%
  >>it boot normally (just for 5minites ).
  >> Someone already had this problem? I just reflash the FS and iam
  >> having problemn with boot.

>Did you just copy the iptables binary to the gumstix, or did you
>reflash the whole root_fs?  If the former, then you're using an
>iptables binary compiled against an incompatible version of uclibc --
>you'll need to install the whole root_fs in order to be able to run
>any binaries you've compiled yourself, since the uclibc on the
>gumstix as shipped is out of date relative to the one in the buildroot.


HI Craig

I reflashed the whole root_fs, so iptables supposedly to be run running,

But the original problem that made me come to the list  was because I was having problems with the boot, I was wondering if some how the segFault wrote in to flash(the uboot segmentation) and them made it not to run more. But I discovered that the problem wasn't that but some hardware problem, I don't know why and I don't how to explain but the gumstix just work when I am pressing some part of it, and when I'm not pressing this part it don't work. The problem is more or less solved, but I know what is wrong already.

thanks! If  others problem appear I will not hesitate in come here