Hello everybody!

I'm using consoleLCD-vx with verdex XL6P and would like to have my Gumstix to communicate with an Atmel micro-controller over i2c bus. I never used i2c before and not experienced in Linux OpenEmbedded programming. My very first question is how can I connect to consoleLCD-vx board? I cannot find SDA and SCL pins on it. And which one would be a correct ground for them. Do I need pull up resistors (the consoleLCD-vx version is 2708)?
i2c modules seem to be running on my OE build and i2c application is installed. My second question is how do I setup my i2c into slave mode, which address it will have? The micro-controller is running as a master.
Can anybody plz give some basic code example (c/c++) how to work with i2c on Gumstix like sending a string or characters.