Thanks for the info.
Actually my gumstix recently died. There is nothing coming out of the serial ports or i2c ports :(. I have no idea what happened
because it was working fine the day before.

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 4:28 AM, sixdozen <> wrote:

Hey Peter. Were you able to figure out the levels from the sheet? OK, I admit
I couldn't, but that's why I'm not a hardware guy. :-)

In any case, the waysmall uses the console-st board for its console access,
and that board provides RS-232 level serial interfaces, which are in the
-3v/-15v (1) to +3v/+15v (0) range.


Peter Vandrish wrote:
> thanks
> On 4/18/08, Ned Forrester <> wrote:
>> I uses a MAX3232C for a converter, so you can look up the data sheet for
>> that.

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