I wish to automatically create user accounts (including associated home directories) and incorporate them into the filesystem image that is created by the buildroot.  I'm currently doing this by putting the necessary entries into the files: passwd, shadow and group under target/generic/target_skeleton/etc within the buildroot.
To get the home directories, I've created user directories under target/generic/target_skeleton/home and set their ownership permissions appropriately.  The user home directories get created with the correct permissions under build_arm_nofpu/root/home but when I flash the filesystem on to the Verdex, the ownership permissions are set to "root:root".
My technique is clearly nasty and flawed since it requires the same user accounts to exist on the host machine that is used to build the Verdex filesystem - is there a better way of adding users and their home directories?  If not, how can I get the home directories to retain the correct ownshership permissions (without having an even nastier "chown <dir> <user>:<user>" command somewhere in the startup scripts)?
Any advice is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance,