On 12/9/05, Dima Diall <dimadiall@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear all,

I have a gumstix stack with the following elements: robostix, connex
400xm-bt, netCF w/ wifi card. I had problems with the system
rebooting right after starting bluetooth -- during PCMCIA
initialization. Probably a spike in energy demand as the CF slot is
powered up.

I've seen the same thing with just a 400xm-bt basix and a robostix, when using my bench power supply.  I thought I had fried the bluetooth stuff until I found that it booted just fine using a 4-cell nicad battery.  After I increased the current limit on the power supply, the reset problem went away completely.  In my case I'm pretty sure the spike came from enabling the bluetooth stuff (I have no CF).

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