Hi everybody, I'm looking for someone wise...
I'm using the i2c-master, i2c-slave and i2c files from WebSVN of robostix to use it as master against the compass CMPS03:


I get the compass value from 2 (high) and 3 (low) of the compass sensor.
I made this code:
I2C_Data_t brujula2_high,brujula2_low;
uint8_t error1, error2;
void main()
    I2C_Init( 0xC0 );                               //compass address
    compass2_high.m_len = 1;             //one byte length
    compass2_high.m_command = 2;  //second register of compass
    compass2_low.m_len = 1;              //one byte length
    compass2_low.m_command = 3;  //third register of compass
    error1 = I2C_MasterRead( 0xC0, &compass2_high );
    error2 = I2C_MasterRead( 0xC0, &compass2_low );

and I obtain error1=error2=255
Anyone can help me? Thank you all.