I haven't played with the GPSstix in particular, but I have used socat to do the same thing on a robostix.  From memory, I think the command you want is something like

socat open:/dev/ttyS2 open:/dev/rfcomm0

Bluetooth on the gumstix is set up with a getty from the factory, so you'll need to change that to use socat instead.  The one caviat I found is that you should make sure both ttyS2 and rfcomm0 have the same stty settings.


On 7/28/06, Landon Cox <gumstix@360vl.com> wrote:

As an FYI - Don was following up on a question I put directly to
gumstix (he went to gumstix engineering with the question):

> 1. The GPSstix FAQ mentions redirecting the GPS serial port to the
> "outside world"  - how does someone do that?

The answer he got was:
"For GPSstix serial port redirect: use "socat" "

Wanted to pass that along - I haven't tried it and don't know how to
use it yet.

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