I'm having trouble sending my root filesystem to my verdex XL6P using kermit. I start kermit using this script:

#!/usr/bin/kermit +
kermit -l /dev/ttyUSB0
set speed 115200
set reliable
set carrier-watch off
set flow-control none
set prefixing all
set file type bin
set rec pack 4096
set send pack 4096
set window 5
set transfer protocol zmodem {rz} {rz} {sz -w 10000 %s} {sz -w 10000 - a %s} {rz} {rz}

and this is the output when I try to send my filesystem across:

jostein@jostein-laptop:~/gumstix/gumstix-oe/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/gumstix-custom-verdex$ ~/gum
Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0, speed 115200
 Escape character: Ctrl-\ (ASCII 28, FS): enabled
Type the escape character followed by C to get back,
or followed by ? to see other options.

U-Boot 1.2.0 (May 10 2008 - 21:22:03) - PXA270@600 MHz - 1604

*** Welcome to Gumstix ***

DRAM:  128 MB
Flash: 32 MB
Using default environment

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
GUM> loadb a2000000
## Ready for binary (kermit) download to 0xA2000000 at 115200 bps...

(Back at jostein-laptop)
C-Kermit 8.0.211, 10 Apr 2004, for Linux
 Copyright (C) 1985, 2004,
  Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York.
Type ? or HELP for help.
(/home/jostein/gumstix/gumstix-oe/tmp/deploy/glibc/images/gumstix-custom-verdex/) C-Kermit>send gumstix-basic-image-gumstix-custom-verdex.jffs2
Retry 0: Timeout on pathname

Transfer incomplete

SEND-class command failed.
 Packets sent: 0
 Retransmissions: 0
 Timeouts: 0
 Damaged packets: 0

HINTS... If the preceding error message does not explain the failure:
 . Did you start a Kermit receiver on the far end?
 . Try it again with SET STREAMING OFF.
 . Try it again with SET PARITY SPACE.
 . As a last resort, give a ROBUST command and try again.
 . Be sure the source file has read permission.
 . Be sure the target directory has write permission.
(Use SET HINTS OFF to suppress hints.)

Any idea what my problem may be?