Has anyone had success in using gpsd with the PPS signal from the uBlox GPS module?  I'm interested in incorporating these elements (particularly PPS) into my own design to provide high-res time synchronization.  From my research, however, it looks like the PPS signal needs to be connected to the DCD (or perhaps some other handshaking signal) of a serial port. 

I see from the Gallop43 schematic that the uBlox PPS signal is connected to pin 14 (GPIO186_GPS_PPS) on the 70-pin J1 COM connector.  Looking at the OMAP technical reference, however, I don't see a way to mux this pin to any UART handshaking signals.  Is there perhaps a kernel patch or board config setting that needs to be made in order for the PPS line discipline to see the uBlox PPS signal on a GPIO pin instead?  Or perhaps the OMAP serial port driver needs to be modified to supply a DCD line that is mapped to an appropriate GPIO pin.

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