Sorry I did not look at your original attached file. My guess is that brec does not support mono recording. If you look at your wavfile, you may notice that each sample is repeated. Thus, it only sounds "normal" if replayed at 16kHz. Try throwing out every other sample, and you may have the 8 kHz file you are looking for. You'll also need to edit the .wav header or force bplay to replay at 8khz mono.
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Ok, I did some experiments and it seems the ac97 using ioctls I can only do 16bit and stereo sounds.
Is this true?  Has anyone tried the 8 bit sound I recorded.

> Hi.  
> I'm so new to gumstix its not funny.
> The question I have is this:
> Attached is a raw 8000hz 16bit signed mono file.
> Is it possible to play this with bplay?   It plays way to fast for
> me, as though it thinks its always 22k  !?!?
> What are the limitations of the /dev/dsp device on gumstix?
> Thanks for any help you may give me on this issue.
> Dan.