No. The transceiver used on the gumstix supports USB2.0 high speed (480megabits) mode only (The chip used is a SMSC USB3326). If the FTDI chip is a full or low speed device, it will not be detected when it is attached directly to the gumstix. You must use a USB2.0 hub to do the translation between high speed and the other modes
On 02/09/2012, at 9:09 AM, michael roberts <> wrote:

I am try to get the gumstick to recognize  a  external USB FTDI chip though
the USB. I Have a been able to detect the  device through a powered USB
Hub. But with  How low of power this chip consume,  I would like to  be able
to connect the FTDI chip directly  to the   USB host.  I am currently using
a  Gumstick Overo  Fire  on a Tobi.  I am also running   Angstrom with  the
kernel power modules  installed.  Is there anything  that can be done
through  software for the gumstick to detect the FDtI chip directly though
the host usb port?  Also, because of the of the  constraints of the project
we cant use the OTG port.

thank you in Advance

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