I have an Overo Fire “COM Pack” that my company ordered in November.

The touch screen does not work.


I went through the steps from the “Get Started with Overo Computer-on-Module” page in the section  “Using the LCD Screen” without any issues.


This successfully started the LCD. The screen lights up on boot and a configuration window for enlightenment pops up for choosing a language. If I plug in a usb mouse then I can cursor around.


Looking around, I do not see any touchscreen driver loaded: there is no entry for /dev/ts or dev/input/touchscreen or any such.

When I try to load the driver manually by doing “modprobe ads7846”, I get the following error as reported by dmesg:

ads7846 spi1.0: touchscreen, irq 274

ads7846 spi1.0: no device detected, test read result was 0x00000000


So of course without a driver, the ‘ts_calibrate’ utility fails with this error message:

ts_open: No such file or directory


Everything is untouched (except for the ‘setenv defaultdisplay lcd43’ in the U-Boot… everything is pristine as delivered in the box.


I really need this to work. I saw some reports about IC6 issues, but I do not know how to check for this.


You’d think that everything would simply work right out of the box. I would appreciate any help with this problem.