Greetings all,
I am fairly certain this question has been addressed at least a dozen times already, but searching the archive revealed none of them, so I appologize for the redundancy in advance.
I have just purchased an Overo Fire package and started setting up the development environment. In doing this, I found three different sets of instructions. The first set of instructions I followed are here:
When attempting to "bitbake omap3-console-image" I had a number of errors. Normally, I would place them here, however, I continued on with other instructions in hopes of resolving these issues myself, and can not subsequently recreate the problem.
However, I then followed these instructions in hopes of resolving the issues:
When that did not help any, I followed these instructions:
So, here we are. I have a very cool Overo EVM on its way, and no way to develop it. Here is what I want to do, and any advice you all can provide in accomplishing this would be most appreciated. After this, I will give my latest and greatest roadblock in the environment.
I am going to use the Overo EVM as a control system for a robotics project. I want to create a GUI system for it (Cant find any references to GUI libraries) so that the user can interact with the robot. My understanding is that you need the OE development environment setup and running so I can compile my own programs and then place them on the Overo. However, most of the documentation for the Overo appears to focus on completely re-writing or configuring the OS as a whole. For me, this is complete over kill.
So, that is what I need to do. Here is what I have done thus far:
I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 in a VMware environment. Ubuntu is completely updated. I have gone through the dependency lists and installed all identified tools and subsystems. Then, all the above steps were completed.
here are the errors I am encountering:
When I do a "bitbake task-base" I get:
/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/bb/ DepreciatingWarning: the sets modules depreciated
  import types, sets
ERROR: Read the comments in your conf/local.conf
NOTE: <type 'exceptions.SystemExit'>:1 while evaluating:
${@bb.fatal('Read the comments in your conf/local.conf')}
Are there any clear, straight forward instructions I can get to start programming my Overo EVM? That would be absolutely lovelly. Cant tell you how much I have read already, most of which seems to be saying the exact same thing, but in very different ways.
Thank you for all the help.