explains how to setup and run your build commands in a more “interactive” way.  From what you’re saying, you’ll probably need to list all the files necessary to building your libnmc and make it so that your makefile knows how to build your libnmc stuff.  If this libnmc stuff will be used in other projects, it may be beneficial to make it its own bitbake project.  More than likely your make command is failing and is telling you exactly what to fix so setting up the devshell will help you as you can tweak the Makefile from there.




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   Thanks for the suggestion!  Unfortunately, I still get the same error when I add "libnmc/" to the list.  There are a lot of files in that folder (20).  I tried adding and also.  Same error.  There are 5 other filenames in that folder, each with a .cpp, .o, and .h.  I tried adding the .h's and the .o's.  Same error.  Any other ideas?  Oh, and I changed my makefile from gcc to g++.


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In your case, the files that need to be copied to the work environment
need to be listed in the SRC_URI.  Try adding the needed files from your
libnmc folder.
   SRC_URI = " \
     file://hop.cpp \
     file://Makefile \
     file://libnmc/ \
Should do it.

More info; the complete error from do_install is:
does not exist.  I have tried playing around with the makefile, but I
do not understand them very well.  Any suggestions would be greatly

   DESCRIPTION = "hopper program"
   PR = "r0"
   DEPENDS = ""

   SRC_URI = "
     file://hop.cpp \
     file://Makefile \
   S = "${WORKDIR}"

   do_install () {
       install -d ${D}${bindir}/
       install -m 0755 ${S}/hop ${D}${bindir}/

   FILES_${PN} = "${bindir}/hop"
-- snip --
As you can see, Makefile references a libnmc folder, which is in the
subdirectory of hopper.  Do I have to install the libnmc library with
bitbake?  When I run "make hop" it works fine.