I've come to my end with the wireless, I've tried to do the research but all attempts failed

my latest setup is like this and I am using a linksys router with dd-wrt installed

auto wlan0                                                    
iface wlan0 inet dhcp                                                                                                
        wireless_mode managed                                  
        wireless_essid linksys  

I can see the IP using ifconfig, the router sees the gumsitx, the Ethernet works great (static IP) but I can't ping it or ssh in to the wireless IP address ? I simply get 100% packet loss or no route to host. Even if I give the wifi a static ip the same happnes.

I'm still totally new to the gumstix, Linux and networking so its been an up hill battle all the way. From all my reading I've herd some one mention about port forwarding with routers but can't figure it out or if that is even the problem.


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