I have many consoleLCD16-vx.

It provide power to my usb keyboard, pendrive or usb-serial converter cable normaly, but only after OS boot. Aparently, excessive power draw by USB peripheral make my consoleLCD (16/18) very hot and LCD stay "dark". Gumstix runs normaly... LCD is lost and work only after power off & temperature down.

Sometimes I use my Verdex-pro with consoleLCD16-vx powered by usb cable from my computer without problem. Perhaps this isn't a good idea.

I dont understand this: "Power over USB not provided"...


Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 18:56:03 +0300
Subject: [Gumstix-users] consoleLCD16

Dear Sir,
Regarding the consoleLCD16-vx expansion board:
It is written on that page "Power over USB not provided"
What does this mean?
1) USB mini-B connector with USB Host signals ==> will not provide power to any device connected to it.
    Then how these devices will be powered? ( ex. webcam)
2) Using the USB connector as a power source connector for the Gumstix is not provided.
Thanks in advance,

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